Wednesday, October 28, 2020

   Robert BERRY is Committed to reinstate the Upper House in Queensland to stop the current dictatorship dead in its tracks. QLD is the only state that does not have a upper house, it was removed in 1922 by Labor and all Party’s have abused this dictatorial power since.

 The upper house provides checks and balances where legislation is reviewed and the voters have greater power, its stops the absolute power corrupting absolutely.

 Mining Jobs, Local Jobs/Apprenticeships


  • Removal of Payroll tax and stamp duty Cut Red Tape for small Business.


  • Water Security plan for Toowoomba


  • Provide resources for under-funded. state schools


  • Increase police numbers for Law and Order


  • Fund more University positions to train Nursers & Doctors to fill the Gaps


  • Protection for aged persons via inspections without Notice to check level of care


  • Commit additional funding for local health Services and seniors


  • Push Infrastructure & development projects to be fast tracked creating 20,000 local jobs.


  • Push for funding for Local roads/highways/upgrades


  • Introduce real life financial budget education programme for school students.


  • Environment: Planting of 70,000 trees, recycling all re-useable waste.


As an Independent I only answer to you. Your number 1 vote for me Robert BERRY

Will go a long way to make Toowoomba South a better place for you and your family live in.




Learn how Queensland was turned into a Dictatorship and what political party was responsible.

 I am committed to the reinstatement of the upper house in the QLD Parliament so that No Party has total control on legislation without it being reviewed by the upper house.

Why is Queensland the only state in Australia without an upper house?

Well, we did have one years ago, in fact up until 1922.

Even though the people via a state referendum in 1917 voted overwhelmingly against the closure of the Upper House the Labor government of 1922 proceed to go against the will of the people and close the Upper House.

While the QLD Governor was absent the Premier Ted Theodore made the speaker of the house the Lt Governor and then the upper house was stacked with members of the same thinking and beyond all belief all of those members voted themselves out of office with enormous benefits that encouraged them to go.

Now we can reinstate the upper house all the framework is still in place and it can happen in one single day. The legislative framework is still in place and we badly need to restore the upper house in Queensland in order to have a house of review as every other Australian state has.

Then and only then will we have some balance of power in the Queensland Parliament but also transparency and accountability. No more sneaky changes to legislation in the late of the night, as the Upper house is the house of review and takes away total absolute power.

Only Independents can restore the Upper House in Queensland. The Major party's all want complete power when they win office which is currently keeping Queensland under a Dictatorship rule.

I will commit to return this State of Dictatorship back to a Free State governed by the people for the people via the reinstatement  of the Qld State upper house.

Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet. He is perhaps best known for the remark,

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Electors main concerns presented By Rob Berry ......

Rob Berry is the only local Candidate living in the Toowoomba South Electorate and has done so for 42 Years.

Nobody knows the wants and aspirations of the local community better than Rob BERRY.

True Independents commit to the policies of the people in the community that they represent.

They say that affordability of living is their main concern, rising rates and fees and the cost of living. 

They don’t want intergenerational debt for their children because of the present undisciplined spending and it starts locally. 

We must Legislate to restrict all Local Government borrowings to 20% of  their general rate income. 

We must legislate to enforce Toowoomba Regional (TRC) council to repay their debt 

We need funding for additional nursing staff at General Hospital so that it can meet our community needs.

Provide aged care advocacy for pensioners, assistance for nursing care and assisted living.  

Provide funding to combat Domestic violence. 

Provide safe housing for Families in need.

Commit to increase funding for Schools, Fire Services, SES and local Police.

Commit to the protection of Land Care, underground water supply and farmers rights.